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MAD-Syuku Tour:Explore Matsudo like a local!

場所:MAD City Gallery、松戸駅西口駅前エリア 


MAD-Syuku Tour:Explore Matsudo like a local!
会場:MAD City Gallery、松戸駅西口駅前エリア 
アクセス:千葉県松戸市本町6-8 (JR/新京成電鉄・松戸駅西口から徒歩4分)

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Event Date:March 10th, 2019(Sun)17:00~19:30
Attend:Koichi Nakayama(Kasaiyagofukuten)、Masanori Yashima(Yashima Shoten)、Nao Hiyoshi(Izakaya Hiyoshi)
Capacity:6 pax
Participation fee: Free(bookings essential)
Location:MAD City Gallery、Around Matsudo Station
Address:6-8 Honcho Matsudo(4mini walk from JR/Shinkeisei・Matsudo Station West Gate )
Sponsor:The Matsudo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Organizer:Machizu Creative Co., Ltd.
contact information:contact information

Get a secret taste of Matsudo-Syuku life & barhopping tour with knowledgeable local shopkeepers

Meet the local shopkeepers who were born and brought up in Matsudo will take you to their recommended places and their charming friends to explore the city. You’ll be in good hands with them who are eager to share all the tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your visit. Talk over Sake where you go and learn the ins and outs of their culture or daily life interacting with the locals. In the later half of tour, we’ll go Good-old Izakaya hopping. You may find the ways that you can enjoy Japanese Izakaya has increased, so feel like locals!

・Get to know Matsudo with special local guides(English and Chinese)
・Make travel about friendly local people and not just landmarks and monuments
・Get tips and tricks for navigating the city and learn its best-kept local secrets.
・A free gift of exclusive “masu”

About Matsudo

This area flourished as one of post town on the Mitokaido highway and has prospered as an important distribution point during Japan’s Edo period. Also because Matsudo is located between Narita and Tokyo, it has become a base for world travelers these days.



Koichi Nakayama(Kasaiyagofukuten, a kimono shop)

This shop is a long standing shop established 180 years ago. In addition to kimono shop, working on Kimono wearing classes and kimono exchanges to convey Japanese culture. In recent years there are many travelers from overseas and will take various consultations.



Masanori Yashima(Yashima Shoten, a lantern store)

The tenth generation shop owner of the annual foundation since Edo kyoho period.
Mainly manufacturing and selling lanterns, selling celebration items relating to gifts such as chivalry dolls and  fortune cats-manekineko. Besides the history of Matsudo, he is also familiar with art and theater.



Nao Hiyoshi(Izakaya Hiyoshi)

In 1949 Nao’s grandmother started Izakaya Hiyoshi. Her brother Masaru is the 3rd generations manager and her Mother Sanae managed Hiyoshi. You can enjoy seasonal dishes, including Kusaya and Shochu that you can customize yourself.




MATSUDO PAPER vol.17展マツドグラフィー オープニングトーク

※こちらはMAD City入居者主催によるイベントです。詳細については主催者に直接お問い合わせください。 MATSUDO PAPER vol.17展マツドグラフィー オープニングトーク まつどの魅力を写真で伝えるフリーペ…more


MATSUDO PAPER vol.17展マツドグラフィー

※こちらはMAD City入居者主催によるイベントです。詳細については主催者に直接お問い合わせください。 MATSUDO PAPER vol.17展マツドグラフィー まつどの魅力を写真で伝えるフリーペーパー「MATSUD…more


おこめのいえ手創り市 No.32

※こちらはMAD City入居者主催によるイベントです。詳細については主催者に直接お問い合わせください。 おこめのいえ手創り市最後の開催です! 昔はお米屋さんとして使われていた大正時代の面影を残す古民家「古民家スタジオ旧…more


戸定が丘のGW お楽しみ講座 ≪筝曲 六段の調べ 近江八景 解説つき≫

※こちらはMAD City入居者主催によるイベントです。詳細については主催者に直接お問い合わせください。 茶室「松雲亭」で味わう至福のひと時 緑香るゴールデンウィークまであと少し。 松戸にある重要文化財の中で、お琴の音色…more


えほんのくに こどものにわ

※こちらはMAD City入居者主催によるイベントです。詳細については主催者に直接お問い合わせください。 えほんのくに こどものにわ 4月3日は雨が降ったので、4月17日にも開催します! 江戸時代から残る商家のお庭を絵本…more

MAD-Syuku Tour:Explore Matsudo like a local!

千葉県・松戸駅前のまちづくり「MAD City(マッドシティ)プロジェクト」の公式サイト。改装可能な賃貸物件の提供から、暮らしに役立つアイデア、DIYな生活情報、イベント情報などを発信しています。

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